Ronaldo admits he scored against Uruguay

Ronaldo admits he scored against Uruguay

Cristiano Ronaldo texted MC Piers Morgan to confirm that he touched the ball in the opening situation of Portugal in the 2022 World Cup on the evening of November 28.

Information was revealed by former US captain Alexi Lalas on Fox Soccer channel. Accordingly, after entering the dressing room after the victory over Uruguay, Ronaldo texted host Piers Morgan and emphasized that he had touched the ball after Bruno Fernandes’ cross. “I just met Piers Morgan and he told me so,” Lalas said. “Who knows if Ronaldo has touched the ball or not, but he believes so.”

In the 54th minute, the match at Lusail field, midfielder Fernandes crossed from the left wing into the Uruguay penalty area. Ronaldo quickly broke the offside trap and jumped high to make a header. The ball flew very close to Ronaldo’s head, before hitting the net of Sergio Rochet. The Portugal captain striker then ran to the corner of the pitch, celebrating wildly with Fernades. However, FIFA then recorded the goal for Fernandes, thinking that Ronaldo had not touched the ball.

Currently, Ronaldo’s number of goals in the World Cup is still at eight, unable to equal the record of Portuguese legend Eusebio.

Ronaldo bật cao đánh đầu ở bàn mở tỷ số của Bồ Đào Nha trước Uruguay. Ảnh: AFP.

Ronaldo’s missed goal became the subject of controversy. Morgan said that the 37-year-old striker touched the ball, while two former players, Graeme Souness and Hal Robson-Kanu, expressed confusion when commenting on ITV channel (England).

“I have not seen any camera angle that shows Ronaldo touching the ball,” Souness said. “The slow-motion image is also not clear.”

Robson-Kanu added: “I don’t see a clear gap between Ronaldo and the ball. FIFA needs to improve the quality of the camera further. Only Ronaldo knows best if he has touched or not, if not then he has a good acting. good”.

Ronaldo ăn mừng cùng Fernandes, ở tình huống Bồ Đào Nha mở tỷ số trong trận đấu Urguay. Ảnh: AP

Most fans think that Ronaldo has not touched the ball. One Twitter account made the point that the 2022 World Cup ball has sensors and will signal even the slightest touch, so FIFA probably knows this best. Others also believe that Ronaldo stole the moment to celebrate Fernandes’ first goal at the World Cup.

However, Fernandes insisted that who scored was not as important as Portugal’s victory and early ticket to the 1/8 round. He also confirmed the purpose of the pass to let Ronaldo finish, and at that time felt his senior had touched the ball.

At the end of the game, Fernandes earned a penalty after central defender Jose Gimenez let the ball touch his hand, and successfully made it to seal a 2-0 victory for Portugal. At this point, Ronaldo left the field.

Morgan is a famous British journalist, commentator and TV presenter. He used to judge America’s Got Talent in the period 2006-2011 or Britain’s Got Talent 2007-2010. Morgan is an Arsenal fan, and has a separate column in the New York Post and The Sun. He has interviewed Ronaldo many times exclusively. The latest was a 90-minute chat on Piers Morgan Uncensored, which was launched ahead of the 2022 World Cup. There, Ronaldo publicly criticized Man Utd, current coach Ten Hag, predecessor coach Ralf Rangnick and former teammate Wayne Rooney.

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